Life After HIMYM - Charlene Amoia Hurtles Ahead

With four movies due out this year, she’s batting a thousand. “I knew I wasn’t ‘the one,’ but they kept calling me.” It turns out How I Met Your Mother actress Charlene Amoia was not “the mother,” but fans loved her in the recurring role of Wendy, the naïve waitress, in the recently wrapped American TV hit show. “I’m very grateful for that role,” says Amoia. “It was fun to develop a character.”

Amoia and I had a great chat about her film projects, fashion and cooking.  A Los Angeleno,   Amoia got into modeling and eventually acting on the General Hospital spin-off soap, Port Charles.  Amoia has also appeared in a variety of other TV shows, including 90210 and Glee, and films such as Seven Pounds with Will Smith, The Longer Day of Happiness and American Reunion. “Comedy allows me to be funny, goofy and fearless, but I have a real appreciation for dramatic roles. They allow you to delve into a psyche and try to understand why the character is who they’ve become,” she says.

Recently, Amoia was at the Toronto Film Festival for the premiere of Fat. Bowing to positive reviews, the film sheds light on how harsh the world can be to a person suffering from obesity.  Amoia, who plays “Jill” in the film, spoke about the project. “It’s a real dark and honest look at a mental illness.”

She just wrapped Vitals, a psychological thriller in which Amoia plays the lead role. Next, she’s off to North Carolina to finalize her part in another film, Adrenaline. She’s also in the upcoming indie film Authors Anonymous, starring Kaley Cuoco, Kris Klein and Teri Polo.

Like every actor, she loves to work, but when she’s not, you’re more apt to find her at the local batting cage than shopping for clothes along Beverly Hills’ Robertson Boulevard.

“I’m a jeans and Converse kind of girl. I love dressing up but my everyday is more about being outdoors,” says Amoia. “Oh, and I love making large batches of gluten-free soups.”

Charlene Amoia: Beautiful? Check. Health-conscious? Check. Talented? Double check!

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