Luxury Report Magazine Testimonial - La Trattoria & Petros

We are happy to share with you this great testimonials from our advertising partners at La Trattoria & Petros Taverna.
"We have been very happily working with The Luxury Report Magazine for a few years now. At first, it was for my restaurant- La Trattoria and then Petros followed shortly after. All I can honestly say, is that Luxury Report Magazine has been an INCREDIBLE success for us especially in the latest No.29 edition! The tremendous positive feedback is usually immediate and the ad has already been paid back many times over within the first week. LR always works hard to promote my restaurants directly & indirectly and we really see that because the phone doesn't stop ringing for reservations! And I always ask them where they heard of us and they usually say Luxury Report Magazine! Therefore, I strongly recommend/suggest that if you are indeed serious about getting great/proven value for your advertising dollars, you need to go with Luxury Report Magazine immediately as nobody in Montreal beats them!"
-Ted Dranias, Owner of La Trattoria & Petros Taverna


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