Paris Hilton Exclusive Interview

Blonde and beautiful, entrepreneurial powerhouse Paris Hilton has had to overcome her fair share of stereotypes. Despite that, she’s built a scent empire – and proven she has sense to spare. Hilton has been in the perfume industry for 10 years and has produced a grand total of 18 perfumes.

Speaking to me over the phone from L.A., she explained: “I’ve always loved perfume. Then when I was a teenager and moved to New York, I wanted to be a businesswoman and I thought that a fragrance would be the best first product to start out with for my brand.” And businesswoman she certainly is. She has developed her own lines of clothing, accessories and other products; opened dozens of stores around the world; cultivated a career as a DJ; and developed her own beach club in the Philippines (with a second on the way). 

As Hilton’s business interests grow, she tells me that she derives her inspiration from her family. “I grew up in a family of entrepreneurs and that’s always been very inspirational since I was a little girl. I love success, I love my fans – I want to have something come out for them all the time. I’m just inspired by life,” says Hilton. Her drive is something that has been noted by her grandfather, Barron Hilton, who gave her the best compliment she’s ever received. Hilton’s grandfather told his friends, an array of successful businessmen, that Paris “has traveled more than [them] and works harder than [them].” Naturally, his pride is something Paris cherishes.

Though she’s pulled in many different directions, from releasing a new song called “High Off My Love” in the upcoming month, to traveling extensively for her many businesses, Hilton explains that she tries to make time for everything. This often involves working in transit. She shares that Paris Fashion Week is a favorite place to become inspired about designing clothing, while her music is informed by trips to Ibiza and Las Vegas. Tropical places are favorite destinations when Hilton is designing swimwear. One place she’s never visited, but would like to see, is the Maldives.

I ask Paris how she would describe herself to someone who didn’t know her, though it would admittedly be difficult to find a guinea pig for that experiment. “I am sweet, hardworking, love animals, great with my fans and an inspirational businesswoman.” She’s also sporty and enjoys surfing, skiing, snowboarding and skydiving. “I’ve always been pretty much a tomboy,” she admits. “I love going to theme parks and Disneyland, going on rides and playing games, and I’ll always be a kid at heart as well.”

It was as a young girl that she first developed her interest in perfume, which has evolved into a penchant for scents that are “sexy and stand out.” Her favorite of her perfumes is Paris Hilton, her original and best-selling scent. Hilton is constantly dreaming up new names for her perfumes and is herself involved directly in many facets of the production – bottle design, scent and marketing.

Another of Hilton’s new and exciting projects, The Paris Beach Club, opened last year in the Philippines. Now she’s working on a second property, soon to appear in the same country. On whether or not she takes her family’s real estate advice, Hilton says: “I always ask my grandfather and my dad for advice. I’m always paying attention to everything we do in business and I’ve really found amazing partners to work with.” Her business partners in this particular venture hail from the Philippines, so it was only natural their beach club would open there. Hilton describes the club as an entertainment center with spas, movie theaters, restaurants, a nightclub and a children’s area. Paris Hilton is the ne plus ultra of successful young businesswomen. Entrepreneurship is in her blood and she’s making her family proud with her myriad business ventures. And when it comes to the business-scape, remember, we’ll always have Paris.

Writer: Reba Wilson
Twitter: @Reba_Wilson

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