So, you want to live a healthy lifestyle, eat well and feel better? You’ve been thinking about it but not really sure where to start? The biggest challenge is actually maintaining a healthy lifestyle, keeping it sustainable for the long term. I’ve tried all kinds of new age diets, meal programs and a variety of other concoctions. The problem is they all had a strategy to lose weight and feel better until I got to where I wanted to be, but then what? The key is, whenever you begin something, is to ask yourself: Can I maintain this for the long term? A select few changes in eating and lifestyle habits can have an enormous and long lasting positive impact on your body. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t need to change your whole life and throw out everything in your fridge! I spoke with Ruthy Tanenbaum, a certified holistic nutritionist, she pointed out 3 improvements that almost anyone can begin with. You can check out her web site here: www.rtnutrition.ca

Breakfast: Try to eat breakfast within the first hour of waking up to ensure that your blood glucose levels (insulin) don’t take a dive. The better your nutrition is in the morning, the less likely you are to splurge later in the day.

Hydration: It’s easy to forget, but consider this: your body runs on water, it regulates temperature, carries nutrients, oxygen and cushions your joints and flushes out unwanted toxins. Did you know that even a slight dehydration can compromise your mental alertness?

Sugar: Now, nobody expects you to eliminate sugar completely but one good example is reducing your intake of soft drinks and other high calorie, sugar based beverages. They are highly addictive, contribute to dehydration and can cause your body to begin storing fat instead of burning it. This happens because your body needs important vitamins and minerals to digest the sugar and your body will draw on them when they should instead be used for fat burning and muscle building. Sounds like the complete opposite of what I want my body doing!

So let’s get started; let me know how it goes for you! As always, I will leave you with a relating inspiring quote.
“Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it. Boldness has genius, power and magic in it.”
– Goethe
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"Be Glamorous: Glamour Gives"
Music legend Dionne Warwick, honorary co-chair of the event, was unable to attend due to her present tour, as was celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch, but honorary chair Nigel Barker was there with bells on, along with supermodel Pat Cleveland and Miss Jay Alexander of America’s Next Top Model.  Another honoree was former model and muse to Givenchy, Sandi Bass, who was honored as UCOF’s “Casting Director of The Year” for her efforts at the event. House of Diehl styled the show gorgeously.  Famous for their “style wars” across the country, the talented duo definitely helped to make a great event.
            The UCOF aids New York’s underprivileged and aspiring artists in becoming successful professionals in the real world.  UCOF partners with South African aid organizations to provide relief to children with HIV/AIDS, sickle cell anemia and paralysis with their proceeds.  Taking place at the Museum of the City of New York, this esteemed event acted as a reward to UCOF supporters, philanthropists, esteemed members of the fashion community, and celebrities. Broadway stars Kaye Tuckerman and Thuli Dumakude hosted the gala, which was a packed house.  Fashion designers from across the globe showcased their talent on the runway, and the show featured supermodels Sessilee Lopez, Pat Cleveland and Ajak Deng, as well as others.  Leila Lopes, international ambassador and Ms. Universe 2011, also lent her support.  In addition, Season Nine Project Runway winner and star Anya Ayoung-Chee participated as one of the designers of the evening.
            We passed Miss Jay posing on the red carpet as we made our way to the gorgeous front hall, where attendees were enjoying the open bar and live music.  It took a while for everyone to settle down before the event, but once the formalities began, people became connected with the cause and purpose of the evening.  All in all, it was a great night with a fantastic message, raising awareness and funds for UCOF.
Special thanks to House of Diehl and Janiece N. Rejba.
            Visit www.unitedcolorsoffashion.org.


From left to right: Miss Jay Alexander, Pat Cleveland and Nigel Barker at the United Colors Of Fashion Gala.
©HungOver Amateur Photography

BAKING IN HIGH HEELS - Montreal Fall Edition

On October 24th, 2012 Montreal Fashionistas had an opportunity unleash their Domestic Goddesses at eFashionista's exclusive “Baking in High Heels” event featuring the Food Network SugarStars at PRFKT Boutique, located in the Montreal World Trade Centre.

The location was PRFKT! Housing some of the biggest names in fashion, PRFKT by Europa is catering your every whim and desire... a one-stop shop tailored to satisfy your lavish taste.

Sweet event details included High Heel Expert Tina Karr showing how to perfect your stride and wear heels while baking, SugarStars sweet table designs and pumpkin spice martini making.
Beauty touch-ups were provided by Caroline Theoret.

There was a charitable twist too: a high heel painting by Montreal-born painter Antoine Tavaglione was auctioned off in hopes to funds for a local women’s shelter.

It was a night all about satisfying senses of Domestic Goddesses from the heel up, filled with glitter pumpkins, high heels and sweet decor! Until next time!

Photo courtesy by PRFKT Boutique and Brian Degrace.