Why is it that some people reach success with what seems like so much ease, while others struggle at it every day? Let me clarify for a quick moment; when I mentioned success, it ranges from: maintaining a weight loss program, starting a new business or climbing the corporate ladder. Success comes in many different shapes and sizes; there are small successes and quite extravagant ones. None are negligible and all bring meaningful growth to our lives. Following years of reading gigantic arrays of self improvement/success books, picking the brains of people way more successful than I, as well as countless experiences with trial and error, I’ve put together four essential elements required to achieve success in any goal you’ve set for yourself.

1Positive attitude: The first key element and arguably the most important. Norman Vincent Peale once said: “Change your thoughts and you change your world”. A positive attitude will very quickly determine whether or not you will stick to your goals when times get tough. It’s the gasoline that drives your engine, the force that pushes you forward towards your dreams. Once you lose a positive attitude, you risk losing it all.

2Step out of your comfort zone: Successful people do what unsuccessful people won’t do. Whether it’s calling that business prospect nobody else will, or waking up extra early to head to the gym before work. Successful people have a habit of pushing themselves way outside their comfort zone. The more they do so, the more they are able to accomplish what they never thought possible. Whatever you’re afraid to do, do it!

3Begin today: How many of us have goals, dreams or ideas? Now, how many of us have had those same goals, dreams and ideas for quite some time now? Procrastination is the arch enemy of your goals. There's always a reason not to start something right now; I'll start Monday or when the weather gets warmer. I’m sure you’ve heard that you need a set plan, with specific outlines of your goals. Those are important, but you should start right away, the plan will come once you’ve gotten started. Most people are passive; set yourself apart and be proactive!

4Embrace your failures: Failures can either be the catalyst to your success or can completely destroy you. The choice is in your hands. Successful people have the habit of dissecting their failures; really understanding what worked and what didn’t and using that information to propel them forward. Successful people get disappointed, of course they do, but they don’t linger on it. They learn what they can, and move on.

I wish you all the inner strength and the persistence to apply everything here and use it to shape your life for the better. Let me know how it goes!

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